Car Ports, Yeovil

If you’re looking for a simple, durable, and flexible way to install car ports or canopies, have a look at the Maxiport self-supporting canopy glazing system available at our Yeovil Window Store – built entirely from powder-coated aluminium profiles, our car port systems can self-support spans of up to three metres with unmatched strength and versatility.

With such a large capacity and solid self-supporting structure, you can use our canopies for many different purposes in many different environments – from protecting your vehicle from the elements, to creating an enclosed outdoor leisure space. The frame is enclosed in virtually-unbreakable polycarbonate panels - available in either opal or clear finish - that feature an innovative clip-fit edge, making installation simple, fast, and solid.

Our car port and canopies feature:

  • Integrated rainwater drainage system
  • Can be fully installed in less than a day
  • Long lasting durability with polycarbonate panels
  • Ridge and box gutter options allow you to glaze a larger area
  • Variety of modular sizes
  • Self-supporting span of up to three metres

Our car ports and canopies are unbelievably quick to install, but equally slow to degrade. The extremely durable materials are both lightweight and long lasting, with a versatile range of applications. This makes them perfect for a variety of both temporary and permanent structures, and the inbuilt rainwater drainage system means they are as leak-proof as they are sturdy and easy to install.

For more information and pricing on the options available in our car port and canopies range, download a copy of our brochure from the information centre.

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